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A guide to Street food in Rome

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Date: 2013-09-11 11:11:09


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Italy as a country is famous worldwide for its food with each region having their own speciality dishes, all the provinces are also particularly proud and all claim to offer the best food in Italy.


So for sure while your here you will be sampling the many restaurants, Trattoria's and Osteria's during your stay going out for a nice meal in the evening. But what about during the day when you are visiting the sites and museums. Here are some local street snacks you can try for lunch and eat like a local Roman.




Arancino - Around Rome Tours

Arancino if found throghout the city's pizzeria's, and Tavalo Calda's. This snack originates from Sicily in around teh 10th century. The name Arancino derives from "little orange" from the shape and colour of the snack.The Arancino's come in different size and are quite filling.


They are basically a rice ball fried with various fillings inside such as Ragu sauce, with mushrooms or eggplant/aubergine. A delicious quick lunch and comes cheap with prices ranging from 1 - 2 Euros per ball.




Suppli -  Around Rome Tours

Suppli is similar to the Arancino but is commonly filled with cheese and tomatoes mixed with the rice. This is a local Roman snack which is smaller than an Arancino and locals will usually have a Suppli along with a slice of pizza.


Pizza al Taglio


Pizza Al Taglio -  Around Rome Tours

This is a typical Roman snack you can find on most street corners, the Romans can eat pizza at anytime of the day and "al taglio" means by the cut, basically you can decide how big or small a piece of pizza you want and payment is made by weight.


When it comes to selection you will find a huge range of different ingredients on the pizza, from simple cheese and tomato or even simpler Pizza Bianco which is just the pizza bread with some oil and salt similar to a piece of toast and great in the morning if you are not a fan of a sweet breakfast of the local coffee and croissant. From french fries and sausage to shrimps and salad you are sure to find a slice that tickles your tastebuds.

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Roman Pork -  Around Rome Tours

In Italian "Panino con porchetta" You will see many in the large shop windows of local eateries enticing you in with the smell of the suculent pork stuffed with rosemart, garlic and fennel. The most sought after piece is the crackling outer skin. The Roman pork is famous throughout Italy and trying one of these sandwiches is a must for meat lovers while in the Capital.

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