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- Guida Locale- Tour a Piedi

Cosa Vedrai

- Fontana di Trevi- Fori Romani
- Pantheon- Piazza Navona
- Piazza Venezia


Join us on our foundations of historic Rome walk which visits all the major squares and fountains in the city center! In just 90 minutes you will cover all the must-see sights and get a good look at many more historical buildings and archaeological ruins which make Rome such a paradise for those who seek to connect with the past.

Meet your guide in the heart of Baroque Rome and catch the best works of Bernini and Borromini on Piazza Navona, built over the brutal Circus of Domitian! Blue crystal waters follow in the magical fountains of Fontana di Trevi before we step back in time to when the Pantheon was a Temple to all the Pagan Gods. It has changed little since that bygone age! The Pantheon's architectural style has been copied many times in hundreds of cities around the world, and for good reason! Piazza Venezia is our next stop and you will walk through bustling Roman life and atmosphere en route!

At Trajan's Column, a commemorative monument to Emperor Hadrian's victory in Dacia, beautifully represented in it's serpentine bas-relief, your tour concludes. It's the perfect place to rest and continue on with a stroll around the Roman Forum archaeological area if you so wish.

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1,5 h


Piazza Navona, 25


Guida in:



everyday at 9,00


X 39,00



X 36,20


Totale: 39,00

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