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Perfect Panoramas - Around Rome Views

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Date: 2014-05-19 13:24:49


Author: Tara Gorman

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Rome has so many places to discover, including incredible views from all sides of the city.

We have picked out the best panoramic views for you to enjoy on your trip to Rome because we know how difficult it can be to find the right places - especially in a big city with 'Piazzas' scattered everywhere.

So get your Map ready and mark these spots for the best city-view pictures to capture in Rome.

Pincian Hill

Panorama of Rome from Pincio

City of Rome from Pincian Hill

Pincio Panorama towards Villa Borghese

Pincio Square and Villa Borghese

Just one the edge of the large park know as Villa Borghese is a square with one of the best views of Rome, Pincio. From this here you can enjoy sunset or sunrise, whichever hour you function most at, while looking across the Eternal City from the point of Piazza del Popolo (which can be viewed in the bottom center of the top photo).

Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill Panorama

A lower level view of the Roman buildings stretching across the city centre

Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill

Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill

This hill is located just behind Vittorio Emanuele II, the famous monument dominating Piazza Venezia. There are two great views of Rome to be found here. To find the right vantage points, walk to the right of the monument from the front and find the steep flight of stairs. Our suggestion is to take the less steep, more gradual choice of stairs just next to the daunting ones. This choice leads you to Piazza del Campidoglio - a square designed by Michelangelo. From here you can either go directly to the left of the square and find a great eye-level vantage point of Rome towards Piazza Venezia and St. Peter's Basilica or travel across the square into a small 'park' area to see a view towards the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

Janiculum Hill

Panorama from Janiculum Hill

Panorama of Rome

Janiculum Hill view of Rome

Closer view of Rome from Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi

Known as the second highest hill of Rome and home to the Equestrian monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi. The hill offers a breathtaking view of the bell towers and domes across the city. Don't miss the vast park located on the other side of Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, literally behind the view of the photos above, for some extra exploring.

St. Peter's Basilica Dome

St. Peter's Panorama

View of Rome from the St. Peter's Basilica Dome

Vatican Gardens view from St. Peter's Dome

Vatican Gardens view from St. Peter's Basilica

Unllike the above recommendations there is an entrance fee (only €6) to this view of Rome, though you definitely will not be disappointed. It's a perfect way to end any Vatican City tour you participate in, taking in the awe-inspiring view of Rome and the Vatican Gardens.

Palatine Hill

Colosseum and Roman Forum from Palatine Hill

Colosseum and Roman Forum from Palatine Hill

Circus Maximus from Palatine Hill

Circus Maximus from Palatine Hill

As you take a Colosseum and Roman Forum tour soaking in the information given by your guide and taking in the views, you can only imagine what life must have been like in the ancient city. A great way to take in a full view and reflect on these thoughts or just on how marvelous a city Rome really is then take a walk up Palatine Hill. It is the centermost of the 'Seven Hills' of Rome and one of the most ancient areas you can find yourself in, looking upon Circus Maximus on one side and the Colosseum and the Roman Forum on the other. Access to this hill is included in any tour through the Colosseum and Roman Forum or by the entrance ticket to the Roman Forum.

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