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Things to do in Rome in September 2014

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Date: 2014-07-04 18:28:59


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Rome in September is a great month to visit the city as the temperature in Rome is beginning to cool but is still pleasantly warm and great for spending plenty of time outdoors. The average temperature at the start of the month is around 23° degrees and drops to around 19° towards the end of September. So lets have a look at some of the things you can visit on a trip to Rome this September.

A visit to Rome's Secret Garden

Rome's secret garden

As the weather is cooling a little September is the perfect time to visit this hidden beauty in Trastevere.

The quiet and shady Orto Botanico in Trastevere is one of Europe's finest small botanical gardens and a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Italian capital.

Laid in 1883 over 12 hectares (30 acres) on the lower slopes of the Gianicolo Hill, is run by La Sapienza (Rome's Univeristy) is very unknown to visitors of the city, which is not surprising given the cultural richness the city offers. However if you have the time its definitely worth a visit.

The park is hidden away behind the Palazzo Corsini, across from the Farnesina, on 30 acres of sloping land filled with palm and yucca, stair-stepping waterfalls, and terraces of gravely paths where you can set yourself down for a little picnic and enjoy the aromas of the gardens.

More than 3,000 species of plants are here, a Japanese Garden, greenhouses with tropical species including orchids and bonsai, ana Giardino dei Semplici, a monk-inspired garden filled with medicinal plants.

Botanic Gardens Rome

Colosseum Tour

Why not make a visit to the Roman Colosseum and Roman Forum aided by a tour guide. Taking a tour you can skip the long lines that you will find at the Colosseum in the summer with skip the line tickets and with a guided tour you will gain all the expert insights of this famous monument along with a tour through the Roman Forum visiting the Temple of Vespasian and Titus and that of Antoninus Pius and Faustina as well as many others. The tour continues through to the Capitoline Hill and Piazza del Campidoglio, which is the first modern square in Rome thanks to the genius of Michelangelo, who in 1546 built the facade of the Senatorial Palace.

For more information and bookings see Colosseum Tour.

Colosseum and Roman Forum - Around Rome Tours

Villa Ada

Located in the northeastern region of the city, Villa Ada is a less visited park by tourists and more frequented by locals, the park has a large lake at the entrance. The wooded expanse was owned by the Italian royal House of Savoy in the latter half of the nineteenth century; it contained the royal residence (1872–1878).

In 1878 the area came under the control of Count Tellfner of Switzerland, who named it in honor of his wife Ada. The royal family regained control of the land in 1904 but did not change the name. They retained control of the area until 1946.

The park today can be reached from Via Salaria and there are a wide veriety of trails for jogging or you can rent a bike at the entrance of the park for just over 10 euros. A recent addition to the park you can find is an area of fitness with machines for exercising, climbing frames, money bars and various other machines that use your own body weight. So if you get the urge for a workout on your vacations you do not need a gym pass!

Villa Alda

A visit to the Beach near Rome

It's September and it will probably be your last chance to enjoy the beach near Rome, in September the beaches will be generally much less crowded. It will take approx 45 minutes to reach Ostia, which is the nearest beach town to the Capital, although not the most glamorous of Italian beaches you will still fine nice long sandy stretches and clean water for swimming. Here you will have the option to take one of the private beaches with a beachclub in which you will pay a daily rate to use the services of the club, sun loungers and umbrellas or you can head down to the free beaches and put down your towels with an option to rent the deckchairs etc. To get to Ostia Lido, take the Rome Metro Line B to the Piramide stop, then take the Ostia-Lido train in the direction of Cristoforo Colombo (using the same ticket for both). Get off at the Ostia Lido centro stop, about half an hour ride or continue to the next stop, Ostia Stella Polare for the more private beach club options.

If you prefer the free beaches get off at the last stop Cristoforo Colombo and take bus n° 7 (mare), a 10 minute ride to the gates (Cancelli). The cancelli run all down the coast but any of the first few gates will be fine. The same bus will return you to the Cristoforo Colombo station.

Otherwise a prettier beach as you can see in the photo is Santa Marinella from which you can take a train from the central station Termini in the direction of Civitavecchia. To reach Santa Marinella will take approx 1 Hour and 10 minutes.

Rome Beach

A Visit to the Vatican Museums

Visiting the Vatican Museums in Rome is must, whatever month you plan to visit. As the home of the Christian world, the Vatican Museums is the major attraction of visitors to Rome and will continue to be so for many a year! Taking a tour you can skip the long lines that you will find at the Vatican in the summer. With skip the line tickets and with a guided tour you will gain all the expert insights of this famous collection of museums along with a tour through to the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. The tour ends in St Peter's square after your 3 hour journey and tours are offered twice daily 09:30 and 13:30  from Mondays to Saturdays as the museums are closed on Sundays. However, if you are lucky enough to be in Rome for the last Sunday of the month, the museums are open for free. On these days you will have extremely long lines to deal with so be sure to go early.

For more information and bookings see Vatican Tour.

 Vatican Museums

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