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30 Interesting Facts About Capri, Italy

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Date: 2014-09-17 21:51:29


Author: Samuel Heenan

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1.The first people to settle on Capri were the ancient Greek 'Teleboi.' They came to this island in the 8th Century BC. Some remains have been found at the excavation sites in Capri and Walls of an ancient Greek acropolis can still be seen in Capri, which is the only structure that shows the Taleboi once lived there.

2.The Island of Capri is 'Isola di Capri' in Italian and derives from the name Capreae in Latin.

3.The island is a single block of limestone 3.9 miles (6.25 km) long, with a maximum width of 1.8 miles and an area of 4.015 sq miles (10.4 square km).

4.Monte Solaro is the highest point of Capri at 1,932 ft / 589 m, from where you can enjoy a magnificent and delightful view of the island.

5.The Caprese salad gets its name from "salad of Capri" which is tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil with seasoning of salt and olive oil.

Caprese Salad

6.In 1906 a local doctor, Ignazio Cerio, uncovered the remains of a number of prehistoric animals and stone weapons during excavation work undertaken to expand the Quisisana Hotel.

7.The island has a population of 12,200 people, as of 2002.

8.August registers the greatest number of tourists on the island with an average of 20,000 arrivals per day.

9.According to the Greek geographer, Strabo, Capri was once part of the mainland. This has been confirmed by geological surveys and archaeological findings.

10. The Blue Grotto was “rediscovered” at the beginning of the 19th Century when a Polish poet, August Kopish, wrote a book about it.

Capri Grotto

11.Capri was a favorite resort for Augustus and the island was made famous by Tiberius in 27 AD, who made Capri his home for the last decade of his life.

12.The first recorded tourist to visit the island was French antiques dealer, Jean-Jacques Bouchard, in the 17th century. His diary, found in 1850, is an important information source about Capri.

13.The "Blue Grotto" cave extends some 50 metres into the cliff at the surface and is about 150 metres deep with a sandy bottom.

14.The remains of statues of the sea god, Neptune/Triton, dating to the 1st Century AD have been found in the Blue Grotto, and they once lined the walls of the cave decorating Tiberius’ private swimming pool or nympheum.

15. Capri's most famous square is called Piazza Umberto I, otherwise know as "La piazzetta" or ''a chiazz" to the locals.

Capri Daytrip

16.In the seventh century, Bishop Costanzo died near Marina Grande and became the island's patron saint.

17.The journey to the summit of Monte Solaro takes just 12 minutes by chairlift from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri.

18.At 412 meters above sea level you can find the ruins of the Barbarossa Castle, the name of which derives from the appellation "red beard" given to Khair-ad-din, the much feared Ottoman admiral. The time of its construction is still a matter of debate, but it is considered to be sometime between the 10th and 12th century.

19.Villa Rossa, or Casa Rossa, at Anacapri was the onetime residence of the American Lieutenant, John Cay H. Mackowen, who came to Italy in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War and lived in Anacapri until 1899.

Capri Daytrip

20.Capri is the name of the island but it is actually divided into two sections. The eastern section takes the name of the island and the western part is called Anacapri.

21.Emperor Tiberius built 12 Imperial Roman villas on the Island of Capri.

22.Nearby Villa Jovis you can find the Salto di Tiberio, Tiberius's Leap, the place where it's believed Tiberius had enemies, among them his discarded lovers and even unfortunate cooks, hurled over the precipice into the sea some 1,000 feet below.

23.Capri has hot summer and cool winters with summertime (June to September) average temperature range between 27 & 31°C. During winter, the temperature drops down and is often in the range of 10 to 15°C.

24.In 1380, the father prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo, found out the arrival to Capri of Queen Giovanna d’Angiò, so he made a flower arrangement with the most beautiful flowers of the island. The water was not changed for three days and when the flowers were thrown away the prior noticed that the water had acquired a fragrance unknown to him. He went to the father alchemist who traced the origin of this scent back to the “Garofilum silvestre caprese.” That water became the first perfume of Capri know today as "Carthusia Perfume."

25.Porto Tragara on the island was once an ancient Roman port. The exact purpose of the port is not known, but it's thought that boats used to stop here to gain new supplies of water. Traces of these cisterns remain today.

Capri Daytrip

26.The rocks which form the island date back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, from 65 to 190 million years ago. The oldest areas are Cala Ventroso, Grotta delle Felci and the Migliera.

27.In the 17th century, the plague epidemic arrived on the island and killed over 300 of the island’s 755 inhabitants. At that time the villagers resented the Charterhouse Monks for staying isolated inside the monastery and not willing to help. They took revenge by throwing the infected corpses inside the monastery walls.

28.Capri is 45 kilometers from Naples and takes approx 50 to 80 minutes to reach by boat depending on whether you take a regular ferry or hydrofoil.

29.Capri is one of the three Islands near the bay of Naples along with Ischia, the largest of the islands, and Procida being the smallest in the Campanian Archipelago.

Capri Daytrip

30.Frank Sinatra recorded a song about the island "Isle of Capri" on October 1, 1957, for his album 'Come Fly with Me.'

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