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7,000 LED for the Sistine Chapel by the end of October

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Date: 2014-10-29 16:37:55


Author: Veronica Sambati

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Last Judgement - Sistine Chapel

A double anniversary falls at the end of this month: 20 years since the great restoration of the Last Judgment and 450 years since Michelangelo’s death.

Sistine Chapel - LED LightsFor this occasion the Vatican Museums will inaugurate a new lighting system made up of 7,000 LED lights that will enlighten the Last Judgment first and also the whole Sistine Chapel.

In this way the majesty of the Sistine Chapel will be emphasized and no details will be missed by the tourist, honoring the restoration of 1994.

The project has been financed and realized by many different enterprises for the last three years.

They planned also an innovative airing technology to preserve frescoes from the six million tourists per year that visit Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

The aim of this new airing system is to purify the air of the fine dusts and polluting agents, avoiding this way to ruin paintings and colors.

Vatican MuseumsActually, there are on average 2,000 tourists per hour everyday inside the Vatican Museums. In the last 20 years the number of visitors redoubled and reached the maximum. But in the future the number can’t continue to increase, as the supervisors of the Vatican Museums announce; so, they are studying different solutions to let everyone get inside the Vatican Museums, respecting the heritage of this magnificent museum.

There is an amazing rumor about a strange commission by a mysterious enterprise that is realizing ‘Smart 3D Glasses’ for tourists that want to experience the Sistine Chapel in an interactive way…could it be true?

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