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Fun things to do when in Rome with kids

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Date: 2014-03-20 14:17:02


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Rome with Kids - Visiting Rome and its sights is a wonderful experience, to visit the home of the Christian church at the Vatican or the mightly Colosseum. However a visit to Italy's Capital with children can be a different matter or to keep them happy while still enjoying the wonders of this beautiful city can be a real challenge.

Rome is trip usually devoted to visits of Art and Culture but there are many fun activities available too. Please note if you are travelling with young children in case you need to use a stroller, you should be aware of the fact that the access to the subway has often no elevators and that the public transport in Rome tend to be overcrowded. With children over the age of 7 or 8 there are lots of fun things to do so here are some ideas!


Colosseum Tour and Roman Forum

The Colosseum is an easy place to visit with kids, as they can scramble around in its giant amphitheater imagining scenes from ancient times or perhaps from movies, and also there are shady areas readily available when you need a break from the hot sun. Of all the tour and historical sights of Rome this is probably your best bet in rome with kids to keep them entertained, you can book a tour here  colosseum tour



Gladiator School

Master the basics of hand-to-hand combat at a genuine gladiator school on the ancient Appian Way. You'll discover the secrets of Imperial Rome's gladiator games, get hands-on with ancient Roman history and have the best fun you can imagine!



Time Elevator

Time Elevator Rome combines education and entertainment in a unique way. This is a multi-sensory attraction where you'll Voyage through 3000 years of Roman history, from Romolus and Remus up to the present day in just 45 minutes. You will experience a simulated ride where you will travel through the rich history of Rome. Starting with its foundation, through the glorious days of the ancient Roman empire, the Renaissance with its masterpieces of architecture and art, the events of the 20th century, culminating in an aerial flight over the Rome of today.

Your flight simulator has 3 panoramic screens, seats on special moving platforms, individual surround sound headsets (available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian), for you to feel part of the action while listening to Brutus plotting to kill Caesar

Time Elevator Rome is created as a Time Machine that allows you to travel back to the 773 B.C. and to return to modern age through time.     Cost: €12.00 adults (€9.00 children). When in Rome with kids they will just love the timie elevator!


Villa Borghese

Just above Piazza del Popolo you will find this Park right in the city centre with a wide range of activities whether you wish to take the children to relax and have a picnic or play some games. There is also a boating lake inside the park and you can see some turtles swimming around. You have the option to rent bikes, rollerblades and even 4 wheel electric pedal vehicles which is great fun for a family and not too expensive.




Especially good for a day out with the children, this zoo has been remodeled under eco-friendly lines—more space for the animals, most brought from other zoos or born from animals already in captivity rather than snatched from the wild. There aren't any rhinos, koalas, pandas, or polar bears, but there are local brown bears from Abruzzo and a Reptilarium. Other features are the Biopark train (€1), a picnic area next to the flamingos, and a farm.

    Cost: €12.50 adults (€10.50 children)
    Hours: Jan. 1–Mar. 25 and Oct. 24–Dec. 31, daily 9:30–5; Mar. 26–Apr. 1 and Sept. 26–Oct. 23, daily 9:30–6; Apr. 2–Sept. 25, weekdays 9:30–6, weekends 9:30–7. Last admission 1 hr before closing.



Rainbow Magicland

Experience the magic of the Rainbow Park at Valmontone and embark on an unforgettable journey at one of Italy’s largest amusement parks.

With 35 different attractions, Rainbow Magic Land is definitely the kingdom of fun and entertainment for all young and old alike!

Available routes:Rome Termini to Rainbow Magic Land Journey time: 60 min Rome Termini Station => Rainbow Magic Land

Bus Transfer tickets price
- Round trip bus transfer to the Rainbow Magic Land Park : € 12
- Departure from Terracafè, via marsala 29, Termini Station: 10.30
- Return : 18.30

Fast track entrance tickets Price:
Adults (1.5m or taller) : €28.00
Children (1–1.4m tall) : €28.00
Children (under 1m tall but still requiring a seat on the bus) : €8.00




Rome with Kids - Aquapiper is one of the country’s biggest and best waterparks. Containing an Olympic-size swimming pool, wave pools, hydromassage pools and, of course, a variety of slides, Aquapiper is a great place to cool down and enjoy the water. The complex also has bars, restaurants, shops and various other features.

Location: 31 Via Maremmana Inferiore. You can get a bus from the Piazza della Republica, which leaves at 8.30 and 11 am and returns at 6 and 7.30 pm. Opening hours: from 9 am to 7.30 pm every day from mid-May to mid-September. Price: adults €16; children accompanied by an adult €6.




Hydromania is another giant waterpark in Rome. With various fun slides and attractions for all ages, it also offers treasure hunts, water races, water aerobics classes and a baby entertainment club to allow adults to have some time to themselves. There’s also shops, a restaurant and locker facilities, meaning practical needs are taken care of. Location: Vicolo del Casale Lumbroso, 200.  Opening hours: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (7 pm weekends) every day from mid-May to mid-September. Price: adults €18; children €13.



The beach at Ostia

It will take approx 45 minutes to reach Ostia which is the nearest beach town to the Capital, although not the most glamorous of Italian beaches you will still fine nice long sandy beaches and clean water for swimming. Here you will have the option to take one of the private beaches with beachclub in which you will pay a daily rate to use the services of the club, sun loungers and umbrellas or you can head down to the free beaches and put down your towels with an option to rent the deckchairs etc. To get to Ostia Lido, take the Rome Metro Line B to the Piramide stop, then take the Ostia-Lido train in the direction of Cristoforo Colombo (using the same ticket for both). Get off at the Ostia Lido centro stop, about half an hour ride or continue to the next stop, Ostia Stella Polare for the more private beach club options.

If you prefer the free beaches get off at the last stop Cristoforo Colombo and take bus n° 7 (mare) a 10 minute ride to the gates (Cancelli). The cancelli run all down the coast but any of the first few gates will be fine. The same bus will return you to the Cristoforo Colombo station. On your visit to Rome with kids this is a great option to get out of the city and relax!




Zoomarine is perhaps the most varied of the different waterparks in Rome, with dolphin and seal shows and even a rollercoaster as well as the standard waterslides. There’s also a big emphasis on nature and education, with various information about dinosaurs and various bird species around the park.

There’s a free shuttle from Roma Termini. Opening hours: from March to October. Price: adults €25. Children under 10 €18.



English Language Cinema

Sometimes on your travels you still just want to relax and watch a film. Foruntunately in Rome you can also find films in english, not all the cinema's will show films in english but below are a few in the city centre that do. To identify these films when looking at listings, look for the marking VO (versione originale) beside the listing.

Warner Village Cinemas At: Piazza Della Repubblica 45

Nuovo Olimpia At: Via In Lucina 16/g

Alcazar At: Via Merry Del Val 14

Summer on the Tevere

Every night in the summer starting from July, the banks of Rome’s Tiber River come to life! The city-sponsored event, which runs through Aug. 28, features hundreds of venues offering the summer’s largest nighttime attraction to locals and travelers alike. You will need to make your way towards Trastevere and just crossing the river you will be able to walk down to the Markets. The summer fair has something to offer for everyone, you will find lots of bars and restaurants, shops, games stands, 5d cimena, table fusball, large football/tennis playing court, live music and much much more..



Rome Christmas Markets

During the Christmas holidays Piazza Navona comes alive with a spectacular market that features Christmas decorations, paraphernalia, statuettes, cribs, and nativity figurines. There are loads of outdoor stalls offering gifts and tasty seasonal sweets such as cookies and traditional Roman sweets like torrone (nougat with almonds and honey) and panettone.

Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) and the Befana, a good witch, dole out presents to well-behaved children and just coal (sugary tasty coal) to bad children on January 6th to mark the Epiphany. A holiday atmosphere pervades the lit up square which, with its several restaurants and outdoor cafes, is always abuzz with activities and street performers.



I hope this information helps you when organizing your trip to Rome with kids!


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