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How to get to Rome from the airport | Transfers from Fiumicino and Ciampino airports

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Date: 2014-10-18 04:35:17


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Rome has 2 main airports, the international airport is Fiumicino (FCO) sometimes known as Leonardo da Vinci and the second smaller airport is called Ciampino which is the airport usually for the low coat airlines such as Ryanair, easyjet and voeling. So your first step is to check your travel itenerary to see which of these airports you will be arriving to or departing from. Both airports have various way in which you can arrive to Rome city centre.

Rome Ciampino is the nearest airport to the city centre located on Via Appia Nuovo and is 15 Km from the city centre and Fiumicino located near to the coast is 26 Km from the city centre.

Let have a look now at the options available to the traveler when arriving at one of Rome's airports.

Rome Ciampino

Arriving into Rome Ciampino Airport, it is a small airport so you should not have many problems to navigate yourselves out to the arrivals lounge and then you have the follwing ways in which you can arrive to the city centre.


Book a private Transfer from Ciampino to Rome City Centre

The simplest way to reach Rome and your hotel would be to book a private pickup from the airport. You book your car in advance or minivan depending on how many people you will be. You will just need to inform the pickup company when making the booking of your flight number, name and arrival time and the driver will be waiting for you in the

arrivals lounge with a card with your name. Once you find the driver with your name you will then be taken to your vehicle and brought to your city centre hotel.

The Prices for an aiport transfer with private vehicle and driver are as follows

45 Euro 1-3 Pax in a private car

75 Euro 4-7 Pax in a private minivan

250 Euro 8-25 Pax in a private mini coach

350 Euro 26-50 Pax in a private coach

For further information and booking see: CIAMPINO TO ROME AIRPORT TRANSFER


Take a shuttle bus from Ciampino Airport to Rome city centre

A more economical option to arrive to Rome from Ciampino airport is to take one of the shuttel buses that leave from just outside the airport. Once you pass to arrivals you will have the kiosks in front of you where you are choose which coach company you wish to make the journey to the city centre. The 2 main services are SIT bus company and Terravision. Both services offer air-conditioned coaches which bring you to the city centre. The ticket price is 6 Euro per person (Oct 2014) and the journey will take approx 35 Minutes depending on the traffic into the city centre. You will arrive to Via Marsala which is located to north side of the central station Roma Termini and from there you can make your way to your hotel or have the transport links of buses, the trains, the metro and taxi service to reach your location should it not be in walking distance from the central station.


Take a Cab from the taxi stand

On leaving the arrivals area of Ciampino Airport walking down the steps to the right you will see the taxi line. The local taxi's are white and just depending on your arrival time and season you may or may not encounter a line to find a taxi. The cost of a taxi from Rome Ciampino airport to the city is a fixed rate of 30 Euro's, be aware that this fixed rate is only for transfers to the city centre inside the Aurelian walls and be prepared for some drivers trying to take advantage and upping the price for some reason or another. For the official rates you can see the following link from the comune di Roma Official rome airport to city centre taxi rates


Rome Fiumicino

As the International airport its a lot bigger than Ciampino airport and has 4 Terminals 1,2,3 and 5 so be sure to know which terminal you will be arriving at, but Fiumicino is quite easy to find your way around and you should not have any problems to reach the arrivals.


Book a private transfer from Fiumicino airport to Rome city centre

Again the easiest way to reach Rome and your hotel would be to book a private pickup from the airport. Booking in advance online to confirm your car and driver with all your travel details, another advantage of prebooking a transfer is as the driver has your arrival schedule should you flight be delayed for any reason your driver will be updated on your new arrival time and will be waiting for you in the arrivals area with your name on a sign to collect you and bring you directly to your accomodation. Should you decide to tip the driver or not it is not obligatory.

The Prices for an aiport transfer with private vehicle and driver are as follows

55 Euro 1-3 Pax in a private car

75 Euro 4-7 Pax in a private minivan

250 Euro 8-25 Pax in a private mini coach

350 Euro 26-50 Pax in a private coach

For further information and bookings see: FIUMICINO TO ROME AIRPORT TRANSFER


Take the train Leonardo Da Vinci Express to Rome central station

The bonus of arriving to Fiuminco airport is that the train links directly to the airport itself. On reaching the arrivals just follow the signs above pointing to the train station or Ferravia. The train to the central station Roma Termini is the Leonardo Da Vinci Expressand leaves every 30 minutes from the airport to the city centre. The train is direct from the airport to the central station and costs 14 Euros. You will need to buy your ticket from the kiosks at the side of the station or from the ticket machines. You will need to validate your ticket too before entering the train in the yellow boxes that you should find at the start of the platforms. The conductor will usually pass by during the journey to the centre to check your tickets to remember not to throw it away once you enter the train. The train is direct and will only stop at the end Roma Termini and takes 30 minutes to arrive. From the airport the first train departs at 6.36am and the last train to the city centre is 23.36. For a full schedule and to book your tickets online you can visit


Take the regional train to Roma Trastevere

If you staying closer to the Trastevere area of Rome as opposed to the central station Termini you can take a different urban train to the Roma Trastevere station. Just follow the same instructions as above to reach the train station at FCO airport. Once you reach the kiosks or ticket machines you can buy the ticket for Roma Trastevere which will cost 8 Euro's and is a local train that will make quite a few stops along the way before arriving to Roma Trastevere in around 25 minutes. For ticket information and time schedules you can visit the website usually for regional trains you cannot but the tickets in advance but you can check the schedule for departures.


Take the Shuttle bus from Fiumicino Airport to Rome City centre

Coming from Fiumicino airport the Terravision shuttle service offers an excellent option for visitors looking to reach the central station Termini. The service from the airport begins at 05:35am the buses run every 20 minutes with the last bus departing from the airport at 23:00. The bus should take around 55 minutes to arrive to Roma Termini and the service also stops at Fiumicino city centre along the way. If you book your ticket online through the Terravision website you will pay 4 Euro's (Oct 2014) and buying a ticket at the bus itself will cost 6 Euro's. You will find the Terravision coach departing from outside Terminal 3 where the coach station is at bus stop number 5.


Take a Cab from the taxi stand

As with Fiumicino if your flight arrives late and the shuttle bus or the train is not running and you dont have a transfer pickup waiting for you then you can always find a taxi. At Fiumicino however the line can often be quite long as its the International airport. Remember to only take a taxi with the white official ones and once again from Fiumicino to Rome city centre there is a fixed fee which is 48 Euros (Oct 2014). See the following link from the comune di Roma Official rome airport to city centre taxi rates

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