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Naples for One Day

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Date: 2014-09-02 16:52:27


Author: Veronica Sambati

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Naples Day Trip

Naples Day Trip

Italy is famous for its various faces.
If you travel through it, from the north to the south, you will be fascinated by copious and different landscapes.

Everything has its own soul and shape so that you think to be in another country when you move just a few miles in any direction.
One of the most colorful cities in Italy is Naples, for sure.
Naples is movement, fragrances, colors, noises and more.
Naples is the charm of people meeting on the street and speaking loudly in their language;

it’s the taste of a warm sfogliatella;

it’s the panoramic viewpoint that discloses the sea with its port;

it’s the majesty of Castel Dell’Ovo and the romanticism of the boardwalk;

Naples has a lot of things to discover and once in your life you should fill your eyes with its suggestive beauty…it’s the monuments and squares that tell you the rich and important history of this city.

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