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Roman Colosseum Tours and Tickets 2015 | Visits and Guides in Rome

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Date: 2014-10-31 16:41:42


Author: Samuel Heenan

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On your trip to Rome in 2015 it's most likely that some time during your vacation you will be planning to visit the Colosseum as one of the most important historical sites in Italy and famous the world over. Whether you decide to take an official guided tour of the Colosseum, just have a walk around or buy a ticket on your own to look inside it is definitely one place in Rome not to be skipped during your trip.

For more detailed information of opening hours and prices you get see the following link - Colosseum opening hours and prices for 2015.

So lets have a closer look at the options available to the traveler when visiting the Roman Colosseum.

Taking a Group Tour of the Colosseum


For many it's not just about visiting the Colosseum to see how it looks, but it's about learning its history, about the battles that took place and the way the Ancient Romans used to live and their customs on visiting this great monument as spectators and also to learn about the suffering of the gladiators and the animals that were slaughtered throughout the games at the Colosseum.

If you are interested in learning more you can take one of the group tours of the Colosseum. The group tours are a mix of different visitors all on the same tour with the tour guide. You select your language of the guide you wish and you will then be given a meeting point near by the Colosseum where the tour guide will be waiting for you.

Another benefit of taking a tour is you will have your tickets pre-booked so you will go with the guide and enter directly into the Colosseum itself and not have to wait in the normal line to gain access. Once inside the guide will show you around the levels of the Colosseum and looking down also into the dungeons of the Colosseum. You will have the chance to take many photos inside along with the chance to ask the guide any questions you may have along the way. The tour then leads onto the Roman Forum as the ticket for the Colosseum includes both the Roman Forum and access to the Palatine Hill.

After visiting through the Roman Forum the guide will take you on towards the Capitoline Hill for a short visit there before ending the tour. The group tour will last three hours so it's a good amount of time to learn as much as possible about ancient Rome but not become too overcome with information and tired of walking with a much longer tour.

This option is the most economical way to make a guided visit to the Colosseum with a live professional guide. If you are interested and would like to make a booking for 2015 you can use the following link: GUIDED TOUR OF THE COLOSSEUM

Taking a Private Tour of the Colosseum

Colosseum Private Tour

You can visit the Colosseum in style with the aid of your own private tour guide. It will cost you more than taking a mixed group of course but you will have the added benefit of deciding how your tour goes, should you wish to spend more time inside in the Colosseum as opposed to the Roman Forum or visit up to Palatine Hill instead of the Capitoline Hill, all this you can decide with your guide.

Taking a private tour will offer you are more personal experience with your guide and will allow you a more VIP service should you be on a romantic trip away to Rome and want to make it in style or just simply if your budget allows.

A private tour is also a good option for large groups and school visits so that you will be on a tour with a guide for your group only. The good thing about booking for a large group on a private tour is the more people you have the price per person decreases.

If you are interested and would like to make a booking for 2015 you can use the following link: GUIDED PRIVATE TOUR OF THE COLOSSEUM - for groups above 13 people you can email Around Rome Tours at

Booking your Colosseum Tickets


So maybe you're the type that doesn't want to commit to walking around with a guide and just prefer to visit the Colosseum in your own time and at your own pace.

Well there are still options too. Firstly you can make your way to the monument itself and get yourselves in line to enter in the normal fashion. In the summer you should be prepared to wait as much as an hour or so to get inside but in the winter time you shouldnt have to wait too long at all. The ticket price on entrance is €12 or €7.50 for a reduced price (European Union People between 18 and 25 years old). The Colosseum is free for all under the age of 18 years old.

Another option is to pre-book or collect your ticket beforehand which will allow you to avoid the lines and enter directly with your ticket on hand. You will pay a couple of Euro's extra as a booking fee but if it saves you an hour waiting in line then it's worth it. You can book a ticket online at the official website, otherwise if you are near the central station, Termini, you can pass by the Around Rome Tours travel agency on Via Vicenza 42 which is approximately 150 meters from the central station and you can collect your tickets there before taking the metro to the Colosseum.

Once inside the Colosseum you also have the option to take the audioguide for €5.50 which is available in various languages, and you will see numbers on plaques all inside the Colosseum so you just punch in the number to learn the history relating to the point of interest.

Arriving at the Colosseum to have a look from the outside


Maybe you just don't have the time to spend so long at the Colosseum, prefer not to spend the money on the entrance fee or just to see from the outside is enough for you.

There is still plenty to see from the outside which is the beauty of Rome, an open air museum. Firstly to arrive at the Colosseum you can take the blue metro line, which is line B, and you need to get off at the Colosseo. The metro is right in front of the Colosseum so you can't miss it! A good tip from the metro station is to go up the stairs inside the metro where you will arrive at Colle Oppio, or the Oppian Hill. There you will have some wonderful views of the Colosseum from above, probably the best spot to take photos of the Colosseum.

Then you can walk around the monument itself and if you get close up you can actually see inside the monument and the structure inside. You can walk up to the Arch of Constantine and through Via Sacra (Sacred Road) which was the mainstreet of Ancient Rome.


You can also see the Roman Forum from Via Fori Imperiale and the statues of the Emperors along the way. So there is still plenty to see at the Colosseum even if you do not decide to enter into the monument itself.

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