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Rome Tours for 2015 | 10 Most Visited Tourist Attractions

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Date: 2014-10-21 19:50:23


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Planning a trip to Rome for 2015? Or you have already made all your travel arrangements for your visit in 2015 to see the Vatican, the Colosseum and all the other wonderful sights on offer in the capital of Italy. Now depending on how long you plan to stay in Rome and whether you are taking just a short city break to Rome for 2015 or planning to stay a week or longer will decide how much of the city you can actually see.

So here is a list of the most popular sights to visit in Rome in 2015 along with an option to take a guided tour with an official tour guide of Rome as part of a group tour.

1. Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is up there as one of the worlds most famous monuments dating back to the year 80 A.D. and is open the year round closing for 3 days only on the 1st January 2015, 1st May 2015 and 25th December 2015 (for more details see: Colosseum opening times 2015 ) The Colosseum has such a long and savage history of battles with an estimated 500,000 lives lost of the years and around 1 million wild animals in which some theorists say many animals became extict directly because of the battles of the Colosseum. For more facts about the colosseum see 30 interesting Colosseum facts. You have the option to visit the Colosseum and take a look around the monument itself or above the metro station "Colosseo" is a excellent place to take photo's overlooking. You can join a group tour of the Colosseum in which a guide will take you on a 3 hour visit to the Colosseum including your entrance ticket and a tour around the Ancient City which is a great way to learn in more detail the history, architecture and stories of the Ancient Roman's with he prices starting from 35 Euro per person.

For more information and bookings see: Book a tour of the Colosseum

2. Vatican Museums and St Peter's

Located to the left of the River Tiber the Vatican City is recognized as the worlds smallest state. Who would want to miss the chance to visit the smallest state in the world while in Italy?  The biggest attraction to the Vatican is to come to see its Museums the "Musei Vaticani" and the Basilica of St Peter's with an extimated 5 million visitors per year to the museums alone. As the worlds largest museum of religious artifacts that extend over 9 miles in total and home to the Sistine Chapel you can imagine the beauty to be found inside. Along with the museums you can see St Peter's Basilica towering 400 feet above Rome's skyline. For details about the Vatican City you can see Interesting facts about the Vatican

You can join a group tour of the Vatican Museums and St Peter's with an official guide of the Museums. A tour will last 3 hours and will include you entrance tickets which have direct access to enter so no waiting around in the lines and then a visit to the museums, the Sistine Chapel and extended visit to St Peter's Basilica with no lines too! With prices starting from 40 Euro per person and groups of less than 20 people.

For further information and booking see Book a tour of the Vatican Museums and St Peters


3. Roman Forum

Located at the centre of Ancient Rome the Roman Forum was buzzing central area in which Rome was developed and the home of the Senate, commerce and forums for public speeches. The forum is linked by the central road of Via Sacra and over the years the Roman Forum was destroyed by earthquakes, fires and was pillaged with much of the materials taken and used elsewhere. Still there is a huge amount of preserved structures at the Roman Forum and you can take a guided tour of the ruins with an official guide of the city to understand more about each part of the Forum and of Ancient Roman life. The tour will be 3 hours and will also include the Roman Colosseum and the Capitoline Hill with prices starting from 35 Euros.

For more information and bookings see: Book a tour of the Roman Forum

4. Trevi Fountain

Probably the worlds most famous fountain the Trevi was built in 1762 after 30 years of work and was designed by Nicola Salvi. The fountain has over 3000 Euros thrown in daily as thousands rush to make a wish to return to Rome. Its rare to visit the fountain and not find crowds of people clammering for photos and the chance to make their wishes. The Trevi fountain offers spectacular photos by day and by night as the fountain is all lit up by night.

You can make a visit to the Trevi fountain on your own walking through the city as there is no entrance fee and is open to the public. Otherwise if you wish to learn about the history of the Trevi Fountain along with some of Rome's other fountains and squares you can take a walking tour by night with one of Rome's top tour guides as part of a group tour lasting 2-3 hours and starting from 30 Euro per person.

For more information and to make a booking see: Tour by night of the Trevi Fountain

5. Piazza di Spagna

Piazza di spagna and the Spanish steps is located in the city centre of Rome in the shopping district near Via del Corso and overlooking Rome's most prestigious shopping street Via Dei Condotti where you will find some of Italy's most famous fashion brands. The Spanish steps with Trinita di Monti at the top of the steps and Baroque fountain "fontana della Barcaccia" at the bottom. Its a place where Roman's and tourists alike hang out people watching and chatting. You can take a guided tour of the Spanish steps along with a visit to other fanmous piazza's in Rome's city centre on a 2-3 hour walking tour with guide with prices starting from 30 Euros per person.

For more information and bookings see: Tour of the Trevi Fountain and Piazza's in Rome

6. Borghese Gallery

In the north of the city you will find Rome's largest central public park Villa Borghese which is a great place to come and spend a nice sunny day for a picnic, rent a bike or check out the views of the city from Pincio overlooking Piazza del Popolo. Inside the park you will also find one of Rome's finest museums -  the Borghese Gallery which was built in 1616 and was residence of the of nephew of Pope Paul V, Cardinal Scipione Borghese. The Gallery itself is quite small in respect to many of the museums in Rome but do not let this deceive you as the Gallery has one of the richest collection of masterpieces by some of the worlds most famous artists; Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Caravaggio, Domenichino, Guido Reni, Pietro Paolo Rubens,Correggio, Veronese, Canova and Raphael.

You can take a guided tour of the Gallery with an expert including entrance fee to the museum starting from 48 Euro per person with the tour lasting an estimated 3 hours.

For more information and to make a booking see: Tour of the Borghese Gallery

7. Pantheon

As an architectural masterpiece the Pantheon is one of the most preserved and oldest of all the standing buildings in Rome dating back to 27BC and was rebuild by Emperor Hadrian in around 126 AD after the original temple burned down. The Pantheon is free to enter where you can see its spectacular dome and oculus providing the natural light. It is also the burial place of some famous Italians such as the artist Raphael and Vittorio Emanuele II the first king of a United Italy. The Pantheon is located in Piazza della Rotonda just off from Via Del Corso.

You can join a guided walking tour of the Pantheon and many other famous squares and fountain in central rome starting from 30 Euro per person for a 3 hour tour.

For more information and bookings see: Tour of the Pantheon and Piazza's in Rome

8. Vittorio Emmanuele II Monument

This unmissable structure located to the back of Piazza Venezia which resembles a large wedding cake at 80 metres high and 120 metres wide was built in 1912 and became a symbol of the risorgimento, a movement for the united Italy. The monument contains a war museum inside which is free to visit and offers great panoramic views of the city from the top. For 7 Euros you can take the elevator to the very top at the Quadrigas terrance. Some Italian believe that the monument is an eye sore and is out of place being too white and ruining a large area of the Capitoline Hill. Whatever your view the monument is impressive an is a major landmark of the city.

You can take a guided tour of Piazza venezia and the monument along with many sites of the Ancient City of Rome on a 3 hour walking tour with prices starting from 30 Euros per person.

For more information and booking see: Tour of Piazza Venezia and Vittorio Emmanuele II monument

9. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is one of Rome's most liveliest squares full of artists offering their piantings and street shows and various types of entertainment. The square is also full of bars and eateries with locals and tourists packing the square. But aswell as the entertainment and perfect setting on offer Piazza Navona also has a history going back to 1 AD as the site of the Stadium of Domitian and later became a public space and city market in the 15th century. The square offers 3 fountains with the most famous central Fountain of the Four Rivers (1651) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Its definately worth a visit and if you are interested in learning the history and legends of the Piazza you can take a guided 3 hour walking tour with prices starting from 30 Euros per person.

For more information see: Tour of Piazza Navona and Rome by Night

10. Santa Maria Maggiore

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore can be found on the Esquilino Hill and a 5 minute walk from the central station Roma Termini. The Basilica is One of Rome's four patriarchal basilicas and the name means that its the principal church devoted to Mary. The entrance to the Basilica is free and is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Rome with its impressive nave. Its one of Basilica's and landmarks that you should definately visit while in Rome and there is also the option to take a tour with a licensed guide of the Basilica itself in which you will see the private Archaeological Area, a visit to the Museum of the Treasury of the Liberian Basilica and Loggia of blessings.

For more information and to make a booking see: Treasures of Santa Maria Maggiore Tour

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