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Experience the Colosseum all to yourself at the magical time of sunrise in Rome! With your expert Roman guide, you will get an absolutely unique and intimate view of the Colosseum with plenty of opportunity for unique Instagram pics.

Meet your guide just after sunrise on the hill which overlooks the Colosseum and enjoy a nice espresso and cornetto together nearby. After some nourishment and caffeine, the infamous Icon of Rome awaits! You will capture every aspect of the Colosseum at first light as well as the magnificent ancient ruins all around which provide an incredible backdrop. All this long before the masses of people, cars and heat shatter the dream.

Your guide will impart plenty of sound advice and secret tips on how and where to capture this iconic monument from the most spectacular angles. With the use of 3D virtual reality headsets, you will get a glimpse of what the archaeological area actually looked like in it's glory days too, toggling back and forth between past and present in order to compare the ruins you see today with the majestic reality of Rome, 2,000 years ago. Our VR devices allow you to literally turn back time and stare down into the Colosseum underground as you confront the caged beasts that were kept there before battle. Impressions of the 32 meter tall bronze statue of Emperor Nero which stood nearby, nearly as high as the Colosseum itself, will connect you with the immensity of the scene as it was in antiquity. Your guide will teach you about the making of a Gladiator and what these bloody games meant to the Romans!

After a terrific 3D virtual reality ride through ancient Rome, your guide will collect the headsets and walk you around the perimeter of the Colosseum for extra photo opportunities, before accompanying you to the entrance where you will arrive in good time for first entry. At this end point, you will enter the Colosseum on your own and be free to explore each level and get all the must-see views for as long as you like!

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