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Top 5 Rome Tours

around rome tours

Date: 2014-03-20 10:24:59


Author: Samuel Heenan

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Rome Tours offers the tourist a huge selection of tours and attractions as it is blessed with so much history and exacavtions showing its glorious past. The typical stay in Rome is usually around 3 days so you will have to be up and ready early in the morning to beat the crowds and visit as many of the sights as possible, as 3 days is not such a longh time the best way would be to prioritise your time to visit the most important points of interest. In reality you could spend weeks in the City and still miss many of the gems Rome has to offer as well as many of the little towns on the outskirts but i will discuss the surrounding areas on another day.

So why take a tour? For those of you who dont like standing in lines this is an obvious bonus as some of the lines can become tedious. But the major factor is that you will be guided through the monuments with a professional tour guide. Without the aid of a guide a  building is just a building, a painting just a painting, until you learn who designed it, who painted its and their story. All of these factors and enlighten your visit and leave you with some interesting facts and stories to tell the family when you return home.

So lets take a look at the top 5 tours you should take while in Rome.


1.)  Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Tour


The Vatican Museums tour should be on the list during your time in Rome. The Museums consist of the world largest collection of artifacts of the Christian world. First of all the benefits of taking a tour is you will have a guide with you and most tours have prebooked tickets for the museums allowing you to skip the long lines and take the fast track entrance which in the summertime and holiday periods can save you upto 2 hours! Once inside the museums the guide will take the group on 3-4 hour tour visiting the Pigna Courtyard,  Gallery of Maps,  Gallery of Tapestries, Museo Pio-Clementino, Sistine Chapel where you will see Michelangelo Buonarroti, the "Last Judgement". Then another benefit of taking a tour with a guide is you do not have to leave the museums and then re-enter the basilica, you can go directly through again saving you from the lines. A visit to St. Peter's Basilica and then finishing off the tour in Saint Peter's Square. When visiting the Vatican Museums remember they have a dress code so shoulders and knees must be covered or you will be refused entry.

For tour reservations to the Vatican Museums  - join a group tour or make a private tour you can find out more book vatican tour


2.)  Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour


The Roman Colosseum needs no introduction, the greatest amphitheatre of the Roman empire is a travelers delight. The image of the games and battles of the Gladiators made famous in Ridley Scott's hit film. The modern day Colosseum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world so as you can imagine its hard to find it on a quiet day!

Taking a tour with guide has the same benefits of that of the Vatican Museums in which you will have prebooked tickets for your tour so upon meeting the guide you will be able to enter the Colosseum directly without doing the lines. Once inside the walls the guide will  explain the bloody past of the amphitheater , tales of gladiators, and where the emperors sat during the spectacles along with a description of the dungeons and mechanisms below the colosseum floor. The guide will then take you through the Roman Forum and the temple where Julius Caesar was cremated and finally onto the Capitoline Hill one of Rome's 7 hills and its wonderfully desgined piazza. The typical tour should take around 3 hours.

For a tour reservations to the Colosseum and Ancient Rome - join a group tour or make a private tour you can find out more book a colosseum tour


3.)  Rome's Squares and Fountains Tour


In Rome the Piazza's (squares) are are focal point of life, locals love to hang around in the Piazza's whether just sat people watching, reading a paper or as a meeting point for friends. That said Rome is filled with Piazza's which many seem to have fountains of some sort in the middle. On a tour you will have a guide to bring the history of these baroque masterpieces to life as you visit many of the most important squares and fountains such as Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi fountain and also the Pantheon the most preserved and influential temples of Ancient Rome. Passing on towards Piazza Navona studying the work of Berini and on to Campo di Fiori which was the stage for public executions and nowadays a buzzing market and nightlife hub.

In just 2-3 hours you can take this leisurely stroll with a guide learning all the intricate details of Rome's city centre.

For tour reservations of the Squares and Fountains of Rome - join a group tour or make a private tour you can find out more book tour of rome squares and fountains

4.)  Rome by Night Tour


At night time Rome is like a theatre all lit up in its glory with fountains shining bright throughout the city and it gives such a different feeling to the visitor. I would recommend if you have the chance to take a tour of the city centre the night tour of Rome rather than the day squares and fountains tour which is pretty much the same sights just adding a few other important piazza's such as Piazza Della Repubblica which is mesmerizing at night and also Piazza Barberini with its Triton fountain. Then on obviously to the previous mentioned Trevi fountain, Pantheon and to Piazza Navona. A great way to learn about the city in the buzz of the evening time and finish of with some wonderful Italian gelato.

For tour reservations of the Squares and Fountains of Rome - join a group tour or make a private tour you can find out more book rome by night tour


5.)  Christian Rome Tour

The Christian Rome tour is one that a lot of visitors do not get around to when in Rome. This tour is one which would be made by car of bus depending on whether you decide to go with a group or do it private. On tour the guide will take you around two of the other Basilica's of Rome Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Laterano the oldest of the Papal Basilicas.

Then on towards the famous Appian Way one of the earliest and most strategic Roman roads where you will find the Catacombs of Rome, the ancient burial grounds of the early christians. The tour will finish off with a view of the Baths of Caracalla among the most monumental and imposing archeological complexes of the entire Imperial epoch. The tour takes approx 3 hours before returning to the city centre. Definately worth a look if you have already visited the other major monuments of the capital.

For tour reservations of the Christian Rome Tour - join a group tour or make a private tour you can find out more book christian rome tour

Hope you enjoy your stay in rome and enjoy one of the Top 5 Rome Tours


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