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Vatican Museums Private Tour

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The guide for this tour is available in the following languages: around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages around rome tours languages

What is included

- Entrance ticket - Headsets
- Private Guide- Skip the line

What You Will See

- Gallery of the maps- Map Gallery
- Michelangelo Buonarroti- Michelangelo Last Judgement
- Museum Pio Clementino - Pinecone courtyard
- Raphael's Rooms- Sistine Chapel
- St Peter's Square- St. Peters Basilica
- Tapestries Gallery- Vatican

Important Information

Infants 0-5 years: FREE


St. Peter’s Basilica is subject to last minute closures for religious ceremonies. When this occurs, we are happy to offer customers an extended tour of the Vatican Museums. We strive to tell tour groups ahead of time to plan accordingly, but if there are any planned disruptions to St. Peter’s Basilica opening hours this is not always possible and in these cases we are unable to provide refunds or discounts.

Strict dress-code; shoulders and knees must be covered. Visitors are required to check-in bags, tripods, backpacks or bulky luggage. We strongly suggest you leave large items behind because checking in these items at the museum will result in delays. Also be advised that there is a security point before the museum with a metal detector and X-ray machine for your personal items, so kindly leave sharp items behind as they will not permit you entrance with them.

Please note that on Wednesday mornings St. Peter's Basilica may not be open due to the Papal Audience. If you wish to visit St. Peter’s Basilica please choose the 10.30 am or the 1.30 pm tour on Wednesday to take advantage of the full tour.

Around Rome Tours is a tour operator licensed by the Province of Rome, with headquarters on Via Vicenza 42 - 00185 Rome. It is accredited by the Vatican Museums, and therefore benefits from priority VIP entrance tickets so guests of tours do not have to wait in the long lines to enter the Museums.


This private tour of the Vatican Museums will include the Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square. With your personal guide you will visit the best collections of art on display in the Vatican Museums, home to one of the largest art collections in the world.

The Private Tour of the Vatican will begin using our fast track, skip-the-line tickets so our guests will not have to wait in the two hour long lines before entering the museums. Our guides have the highest knowledge and experience to offer you the finest service and are available to answer all of your questions.

Once inside the Vatican Museums on this Private Tour inside the walls we will cross the Pigna Courtyard, which takes its name from the gigantic bronze pinecone placed in the middle, a work found at the Roman Baths of Agrippa(should we have this part in?).

There is a part between these two….

You are then lead to the Gallery of Maps, a 120 metre long tunnel that includes a set of all the maps that represent the unification of Italy, both geographically and spiritually.

Then on to the Gallery of Tapestries which is filled with tapestries that were woven in Brussels by the manufacturer Pieter van Aelst and represent the most significant religious events.

Next you will be taken through the Museo Pio Clementino, which houses some of the most important collections of sculptures from the Greek-Roman world. The sarcophagus of Lucius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Barbaro, the Apollo Belvedere, the Laocoon Statue of Hermes, the statue of Venus Felix, the Perseus triumphant and Kreugas and Damoxenos, all important historical pieces that are housed right in the Vatican Museums.

Raphael Rooms?

Finally the Vatican Museums Private Tour will lead you into the Sistine Chapel, which is a cultural and artistic treasure of the Vatican City. It’s known throughout the world for the conclave and other official ceremonies involving the Pope. The entire Sistine Chapel is a message of universal faith. The frescoes of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the "Last Judgement," is a unique work where the artistic genius of Michelangelo is expressed in all its majesty with a vision of the end of the world and the dramatic scene of man's destiny.

After the Sistine Chapel you will stroll through St. Peter's Basilica with your guide where you will see the dome of Michelangelo, Bernini's canopy, the bronze statue of St. Peter by Arnolfo di Cambio, the tomb of Blessed John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyla), the Pietà by Michelangelo plus more.

The Vatican Museums Private Tour  will end finish in Peter's Square, with its majestic colonnade designed by Bernini, a masterpiece of art and technique. Your guide will show you the best vantage point to view the square – a finish to the tour that makes everything come together.

For those of you wishing to visit the Vatican Museums VIP style and with the luxury of your own private guide look no further than this Vatican Museums Private Tour, a must do on your trip to Rome.

Consider taking a combination of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour with the Vatican Museums Tour either for a full day option or over a period of two days. Email us for more information.

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All Reviews

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Irene, our private guide was superb. We could not have been more pleased. thanks, wpc
william p clack2015-04-30
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Very profesional guide with high level of historical education.rnInitialy requested in french the guide switch to english without any difficultiesrnThank you again Dina for these nice time in Vatican.
Vast Bruno2015-04-27
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Davvero una bella esperienza!!
Rita Mazzocchi2014-10-18
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Una bellissima esperienza!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Private tour with Irene was fantastic
Kelly Jefferson2014-10-17
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Dina è una guida fantastica, lo staff è stato particolarmente disponibile con noi. Un\'esperienza da ripetere.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Excellent and professional!
Karl M.2014-10-16
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Tour fantastico, Dina, la nostra guida, è preparatissima. Lo staff è stato straordinario nel consigliarci e nel seguirci passo passo in fase di prenotazione. Raccomandiamo vivamente questa compagnia.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

It was just me and my wife, we could appreciate everithing and our guide, Dina, was really well prepared
Justin 2014-10-15
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Una visita guidata eccezionale!
Pierpaolo 2014-10-15
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Splendito tour del Vaticano. Staff gentilissimo e guida molto preparata. La nostra guida, Irene, è stata talmente brava che non ci siamo nemmeno resi conto del tempo che passava, tre ore sono letteralmnete volate! Consiglio vivamente questa compagnia.
Lucio A. S.2014-10-14
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Muy recomendable!!!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Assolutamente consigliato!
Tina Mercanti2014-10-10
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Excelente servicio 100% confiable!!!
Oscar P.2014-10-10
Vatican Museums Private Tour

the best way to have a tour
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Dina was very informative and friendly! We have a great idea booking this tour, cause we could enjoy everithing in the details! For the quality of the tour I can say it\'s not so expensive and it is worthy!
Alexandra Diedrick2014-09-29
Vatican Museums Private Tour

C\'était super! J\'ai tout bien vu et la guide était excellente! Merci!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Io e mio marito eravamo a Roma per il nostro anniversario di matrimonio. Eravamo stati a Roma tanti anni fa ed avevamo visitato soltano la Basilica di San Pietro ma non i musei vaticani. Questa volta ci siamo regalati questa splendida ed indimenticabile esperienza! I musei vaticani sono ricchi di storia e la cappella sistina è incantevole...abbiamo scelto l\'opzione del tour privato perchè volevamo la guida tutta per noi. Lo staff di Around Rome Tours è stato molto gentile e ci ha forniti una guida preparatissima e molto cordiale. E\' veramente valsa la pena, anche perchè i musei sono sempre molto affollati e muoversi con un gruppo numeroso immagino sia scoraggiante. Personalmente suggerisco di scegliere un tour privato o al massimo semi privato
Fiona R.2014-09-22
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Un tour privato eccellente!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Muy bonita e interesante!!!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Terrific Vatican private tour
Caroline M.2014-09-15
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Absolutamente de primera clase!Una excursión inmensamente agradable del Vaticano con nuestra guía experta y encantadora!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Great Private tour!
Jasmine L.2014-09-09
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Die Tour war fantastisch. Die Guide, Ilona, war sehr kompetent und als nur mich, meine Frau und meine beiden Kinder, es gab nicht Verwirrung. Wirklich vielen Dank!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Awesome people, awesome tour!
Sonia Middleford2014-09-05
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Rhonda Joyce2014-09-02
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Esto tour privado del Vaticano fue una experiencia ÚNICA!!!!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Cesare P.2014-09-02
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Ottimo rapporto qualità - prezzo. Staff disponibilissimo. Irene, la guida, ci ha fatto trascorrere tre ore piacevolissime.
Marina Mercalli2014-09-02
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Entre varias opciones la mejor de Roma!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Amazing experience.. staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Frank G.2014-08-25
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Hicimos una excursión por el Vaticano hoy con Luisa y nos lo pasamos de maravilla. El Gran Tour de relación calidad-precio y recomiendo la compañía.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vedere i Musei vaticani insieme alla guida che ci ha spiegato tutti i più piccoli dettagli delle opere d\'arte e i vari aneddoti su Michelangelo, è stata un\'esperienza meravigiosa. Grazie Around Rome Tours
Milena Biondino2014-07-25
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Fantástica excursión con Luisa
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Very good guide and very good experience.Thank you!!! :-)
Stefan Sanders2014-06-25
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

It was one of the tours that we have done around the world. Tanck you.
Ardizzone Mario2013-10-11
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Irene the guide was real good and Knows her data very well and Is intertaining with good sense of humor and we will ask for here again in end august when our friends is visiting Rome
h geuens2013-05-10
Vatican Museums Private Tour

I loved this tour! thanks to Irene our guide
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Suzanne was very well informed and provided a lot of interesting infornRation about the various exhibits. We would hightly recommend her and the tour.rnrnDon & Jdy Heath
Don and Judy Heath2013-05-01
Vatican Museums Private Tour

We made the Private Tour and it was a great idea. We loved the way that Sabrina explaned to us everything inside of the Museums and the Basilica. Very nice tour.
Igor Levin2013-03-08
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Amazing Tour with an amazing guide... I have already recommended this to all of my friends!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

This tour was the best way to see Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica. Irene was an excellent guide ,very knowledgeable and interesting. We found out so much about the paintings and the buildings we saw. Great tour!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Fabulous! A very informative and very enjoyable tour. Plus Irene was great! She did a great job customizing our tour to the interests of our group. Thanks!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Irene è stata una guida molto competente. La sua conoscenza dell’arte e l’ attenzione nel prendersi cura di noi sono stati fondamentali per fare vivere a me e alla mia famiglia un esperienza meravigliosa al Vaticano
Giuseppe D2013-01-21
Vatican Museums Private Tour

The tour guide was brilliant. Enthusiastic, amazing and very knowledgeable. A fantastic tour.
Charlotte DR2013-01-21
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Hicimos el tour privado al Vaticano, no nos equivocamos, fue perfecto nuestra guia era muy preparada y con tanto para contarnos. Lo recomiendo
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Outstanding tour! Irene was friendly, knowledgeable and really excellent at catering to our specific needs. Many thanks for the excellent service
David G2013-01-19
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Sono rimasto molto contento con la decisione di prenotare con AroundRome. Il tour è iniziato in orario, ben organizzato ed Ennio è stato una guida estremamente competente e spiritosa. Raccomando AroundRome a chiunque voglia visitare Roma
Vatican Museums Private Tour

This tour was great. We booked a private tour just for the 5 of us so it was very easy to interact with the guide and see the displays. Irene was great with a good balance of humor and information. Thanks for a very enjoyable tour.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

The four of us in my family were the only ones on the excursion. The individual attention was fantastic!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

The guide was very friendly and informative. She provided us with great details and directed our tour according to what was important to us. Really happy with the excellent service
Therese W2013-01-18
Vatican Museums Private Tour

We enjoy this tour, we don't know so much about art, that's the reason why this was excelent. Thank you Irene
Vatican Museums Private Tour

It was a nice oportunity to know more in detail the amazing pieces of art that the Vatican shows. Nice tour
Max M.2013-01-17
Vatican Museums Private Tour

My friends and I recommend this tour, if you can make it private because it worth it!
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Great Tour, we enjoy and learn a lot inside the museums.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Muy buen Tour! vale cada centavo
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

Vatican Museums Private Tour

An excellent guide, informative without being boring,knowledgeable and witty… Will have no problem in recommending this tour to anyone.
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Un tour meraviglioso! Ennio è stata una ottima guida con una profonda conoscenza dell’ arte e della storia; Si è preso cura di noi per tutto il tour stando attento ad ogni nostro bisogno. Ottima organizzazione
Marina De Car2012-11-14
Vatican Museums Private Tour

Fabulous! A very informative and very enjoyable tour. Plus Irene was great! She did a great job customizing our tour to the interests of our group. Thanks!
Dave R2012-11-14


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Vatican Museums Private Tour
Irene, our private guide was superb. We could not have been more pleased. thanks, wpc

william p clack 2015-04-30

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Vatican Museums Private Tour

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