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Vatican Tours and Tickets in 2015 | Visiting the Vatican Museums and St Peters

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Date: 2014-10-27 12:28:27


Author: Samuel Heenan

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On your visit to Rome in 2015 you will most probably be planning a trip to the Vatican at some stage to see the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and visiting St Peter's Basilica. As the worlds smallest Sovereign state the Vatican City is one of if not the top attraction to see while in the Italian capital. So make sure to put some time aside to make your way to the home of the Christian church, whatever your religion its a wonderful experience that every visitor to Rome should have.

The Vatican City itself has many things you can do and see, so you could actually spend a full day there. To start with most people visit to see the Vatican Museums which attracts over 5.5 million visitors per year to see a total of 54 galleries which ends at the Sistine Chapel, the most famous of all and home of the Conclave.

You can visit into St Peter's Basilica one of the worlds most holiest sites. You have the chance to taske a walk or elevator and shorter walk to the very top of St Peter's to "La Cupola" where you have the views from the inside of the Basilica from the top and then moving on to the very top of St Peters on the outside where you will have the best views of the city, overlooking the Vatican Gardens and just spending some time trying to spot all the famous landmarks of Rome.

On your way back down to St Peter's square designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernin you can admire the architechture of the Columns, the obelisk and the fountains or make a visit below St Peter's to see the tombs of the Pope's.

Along with the traditional things to see at the Vatican there are still more...You can book a visit to the Vatican Gardens or on wednesdays you can prebook to the audience with the Pope or on sundays there is the traditional service with Pope Francis.

For those of you planning to visit the Vatican Museums in 2015 here are some options of ow to make a visit

Join a group tour of the Vatican Museums Including a visit to St Peter's Basilica

Taking a guided tour of the museums has become a very popular way to see the Vatican. A group tour is the most economical option to see the Museums with a tour guide. A group tour will consist of a mix of people all following the same tour guide with headsets. There are usually various language options too and tours with different itineraries.

The group tour should have no more than 25 people on the tour, but if you do decide to try to take a tour outside of the museums you may get a surprise as some of the tours being sold outside of the museums depart with groups of 50 people or more, sometimes with the guide speaking 2 languages at the same time and a tour lasting less than 2 hours.

A group tour with Around Rome Tours will last 3 hours and will include the Vatican Museums, the sistine chapel and also a tour of St Peter's Basilica. The tour includes skip the line entrance to both the Museums and St Peter's and the guides are official with groups of no more than 25 people but usually groups have around 10-15 people.

For more information and to make a booking see the following link: GROUP TOUR OF THE VATICAN MUSEUMS


Take a Semi Private Tour of the Museums also including St Peter's

The Semi Private tour of the museums only seemed to become an option in the last few years. This tour is simply the same tour offered as the group tour of the Museums but departs with a maximum of 10 guests. So for those of you who dont want to be walking around with a larger group of people and have limited access to your guide to ask questions, this could be the choice for you. You can expect to pay an extra 25 Euro's or so for the semi private version of the Vatican tour, but you may get lucky and be the only 2 people booked on the tour in which you would then have a private tour for the cost of a semi private one.

For more information and to make a booking see the following link: SEMI PRIVATE TOUR OF THE VATICAN MUSEUMS

Visit the Vatican Museums with a private guided tour


For those of you looking for the VIP service all full access to your guide and also your itinerary you should be looking to book a private tour of the Vatican Museums. The beauty of the private tour is if you wish to spend more time on a particular gallery inside the museums with the guide dedicated to you only. For example should you wish to visit to the Rafael Rooms during the tour or spend more time inside St Peter's.

So whether you wish to impress on a romantic vacation to Rome with a private tour of the museums or believe it is a once in a lifetime trip then the private tour is a great way to see the Vatican. The private tours are also a good choice for larger groups or school visits to the Museums as the more people in your group the more the price comes down.

If you are interested and would like to make a booking for 2015 you can use the following link: GUIDED PRIVATE TOUR OF THE VATICAN MUSEUMS 

For groups above 14 people you can email Around Rome Tours at

Book a skip the line ticket to the Vatican Museums

Many prefer to take their own time when visiting a museums and not stick to an itinerary or prefer not to follow a guide. The skip the line ticket does what it says. You pre book your ticket for the day you wish to visit the museums and then once you arrive at the Vatican Museums entrance there are 2 lines. There is the standard entrance for those who do not have a ticket booked and are just waiting in the line to enter and there is a second entrance for pre booked tickets. You go there with you pre booked ticket and show to the security who let you pass and enter into the museums.

In the summer time this access ticket can be worth its weight in gold as the lines can sometimes be upto 2 hours longs so this way will save you some of your precious visiting time while in Rome.

The ticket is definately recommended should you be visiting in peak season or in and around any closed dates at the Vatican Museums as in these cases the day before and the day after are especially busy. But in the winter time or low season months of November, early december and January and February you probably wont need to skip the line ticket.

If you are interested and would like to make a booking for 2015 you can use the following link: SKIP THE LINE TICKET FOR THE VATICAN MUSEUMS

General entrances and free entrance to the Vatican Museums

You dont mind waiting in the lines and basically want to get into the Vatican Museums paying as little as possible or maybe you are not sure as to when you wish to make a visit during your stay in Rome. So just prefer to make your way to the museums and try to enter this way.

If luck is on your side you may enter directly into the museums without any lines or you may have a couple of hours to wait in line. If you are planning to visit without a giude or ticket but want to avoid the lines if possible its probably best to visit later in the afternoon to the museums as the majority of the crowds arrive in the morning times. But the Vatican Museums you just never know!

There is a way you can get to visit the museums for free too! If you happen to be visiting Rome around the end of the month, the Vatican Museums are open on the last sunday of every month while the other sundays are closed and the last sunday of each month is open for free. Be sure to get there early as the crowds will be waiting. So even before 8am would be recommended to guarantee you have time inside the museums to make your visit.

For general ticket prices and opening hours for 2015 you can see the following link: VATICAN CALENDAR 2015

La Cupola

To visit "La Cupola" or "the Dome" you will need to enter from St Peter's square to the entrance to the Basilica, once you have made you way passed the security and upto towards the entrance you will see the signs for "La Cupola" you will have to wait some time in line but usually not that long.

You have the option of taking the steps all the way to the top which has a total of 551 steps in total to the top of the dome and they become quite steep and narrow towards the top. Taking the steps will cost you 5 Euro's otherwise you can take the elevator to the terrace on the top of St Peter's but below the dome and then walk the remaining 320 steps. So either way you will have to take some steps should you wish to see the views of the city and from inside the Basilica at the top. Taking the evelator will cost 7 Euro's.

The Cupola is open from 8am daily until 5pm in the winter time and 6 pm in the summer time and is well worth the visit if you dont mind the steps or height.

Visiting the Vatican Gardens

Many people may not know, but you can actually take a tour of the Vatican Gerdens, you are not allowed to walk around the gardens on your own, or just arrive and try to enter. But through the Vatican Museums official website you can take a tour of the Gardens which you can imagine are not any ordinary garden. You will be taken on a 2 hour visit of the gardens with a guide from the Vatican and then with the same ticket afterwards can visit the Vatican Museums on your own.

For more information and to book you can see the following link: VATICAN GARDENS TOUR


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