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Why choose a walking tour?

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Date: 2014-08-08 14:21:44


Author: Veronica Sambati

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Around Rome Tours

If you are in Rome during the summer then the best way to see the Eternal City is to have one or a few walking tours!

From the Ancient Rome tour to the Squares and Fountains tour and even a Rome by night tour, Around Rome Tours has many choices to offer during your stay.
Having a walk around the city will give you a perfect chance to experience the atmosphere of the streets and crowds of people as well as to discover hidden details of each corner, AND to have true Italian ice cream!

Recently an Italian newspaper released a list of the top 20 ice cream shops in the world voted by travelers and locals and quite a few of them are based in Italy!

Roman Gelato
In Rome the best one is Gelateria Giolitti, the oldest ice-cream shop in the city which started in 1900.
Its historic home has been the same since the year 1900. It's a stones throw away from the Pantheon and next to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament on Via del Vicario.

Roman GelatoHave you been here? What did you think of their ice cream compared to other shops in Rome you may have tried?

It would be a great idea to take a walking tour with Around Rome Tours and have a taste of famous Italian ice cream to finish it off!

Have a try and come have fun with Around Rome Tours!

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